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Todd Narum, Esq.

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Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney 

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Peak Legal Services, LLC is a boutique law firm that provides individualized attention and care to your specific legal issues.

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Mr. Cohen is the founding partner at Peak Legal Services, LLC.  He is a licensed Colorado attorney in good standing since 1996. 
Mr. Cohen was a longtime felony prosecutor in Jefferson and El Paso counties, two of the Front Range's largest District Attorneys Offices. He has tried over 100 felony and misdemeanor cases, including homicides, sexual assaults, child abuse, domestic violence, drug distribution and possession, robberies and theft.

Mr. Cohen also served in two special prosecution units, including as a Senior Deputy District Attorney in the Jefferson County SVU (Crimes Against Children unit) and the Domestic Violence Unit. Mr. Cohen is especially well-versed in homicide and violent crime laws, including Colorado's complex sex offender and child abuse laws and resulting sentencing consequences. Mr. Cohen was appointed by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and used to serve on the statewide Child Fatality Review Team. He also was selected as a speaker on preparation and prosecution of major felony cases at the statewide Colorado District Attorneys Council annual conferences, both as a prosecutor and as a defense counsel.

When not serving the People of Colorado as a Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Cohen spent several years defending entities and professionals against lawsuits, and as Senior Corporate Counsel and Director of Investigations at Qwest Communications, a Fortune 500 Company.

Mr. Cohen is a graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in 1986 and The University of Missouri School of Law in 1996, where he was appointed Order of Barristers based on his trial advocacy and litigation skills.

Before his law career, Mr. Cohen was a journalist and investigative reporter, covering major crime and court trials, an invaluable experience that makes him skilled at questioning police and other witnesses to elicit critical facts, and get clients the best outcome.

When he is not serving clients and running the law practice, Mr. Cohen enjoys the Colorado outdoors with his family and two dogs, as well as cycling and hiking.


​​        Douglas T. Cohen, Esq. 



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Todd joined Peak Legal Services, LLC as a partner in November 2016.  Todd has been a  licensed attorney in good standing to practice in all Colorado courts since 2001. He has tried cases throughout metro Denver and beyond, from Burlington to Eagle, and Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.  Doug and Todd met more than ten years ago as adversaries in a serious felony trial. They have longstanding mutual respect for each other’s professionalism, experience and demeanor. They are pleased to have the opportunity to work together to obtain the best results for clients of Peak Legal Services, LLC.  

Todd graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1998 and moved west for law school, graduating from the University of Utah.  After falling in love with Colorado, he and his wife moved to Denver immediately after graduation.  After passing the bar in October 2001, Todd began working for a solo practitioner in Denver on criminal defense, legal malpractice and bankruptcy matters. However, Todd soon found he is most passionate about defending clients in criminal cases who must face the power of the State. 

Todd honed his trial and litigation skills in criminal cases. He then branched out several years ago to family law, working at a high-profile domestic relations firm for nearly 10 years. During that period, Todd also tried more then 30 criminal cases, both felonies and misdemeanors, and represented family law clients in countless contested hearings throughout Colorado.  

Todd enjoys the story telling aspect of a trial practice, relishing the opportunity to explain his client's situation to either a judge or jury and to collaborate with, advise and zealously represent clients to achieve best possible result.  Todd also is highly experienced and knowledgeable in guiding clients through the labyrinthine procedures of family law. This includes, for example, working with Child and Family Investigators and  Parental Responsibility Evaluators to help his clients see their children as much as possible. Todd also has extensive expertise working preparing his clients for participating in Business Valuations and property Appraisals to minimize or maximize their property settlements.  

Todd is committed listening to you and helping you with your legal issues and achieving the best possible outcome given your case and your specific goals. 

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